Walcot Foundation, an independent charity working within Lambeth, funded us to roll out Mouse Club transition and home learning project to 10 schools in Lambeth.

Mouse Club supports staff to develop positive relationships with parents/carers as their children start in school or settings, using a toy mouse as a transitional object. The child and “Mouse” prepare for school together and learn at home together.

The project is structured around fun home activities which support aspects of school readiness and home learning in the early years. These are delivered at stay and play sessions following a “model, mentor, coach” approach that has parent partnership at its heart.


  • 22 Early Years teachers and teaching assistants engaged in the project from 10 Lambeth schools;
  • 98 families were identified following the transition and induction process. 86 of those families attended at least 2 of the targeted workshop/1-to-1 sessions;
  • 87 children attended at least 2 of the workshops with their parents/carers, received a toy mouse and participated in the activities;
  • Schools have delivered 47 targeted workshops to date.

All staff attending the initial session completed a base line questionnaire at the start of the project. A year later, staff reviewed and completed it again. All the staff reported an increase in their knowledge, skills and confidence in engaging parents who do not traditionally engage in their child’s learning.

“The project has encouraged us to further develop our existing skills and add new ones.”