After school family learning events at Acacias Primary School

Becky Riley from Acacias Primary School talked about their termly whole school family learning events at the PEN network meeting on Nov 1st.
  • They do three parent learning events across the year; one per term. They are held after school, during staff meeting time (3.45 – 4.45). Each event has a theme, which links in with a themed week across school.
  • At the event, they run a variety of activities (generally around twelve), each manned by two or three staff. The children go around the activities, with their parents/carers, completing as many as they feel they can.
  • For each activity they complete, they get a stamp on a record card. Any child who gets 6 stamps or more receives a certificate and a prize.
  • A ‘working party’ of staff work together on thinking up the activities for the event, but it is up to individual staff to resource and set up the activity they are manning.
  • Example of event: Celebrating Cultures. We celebrated some of the cultures represented in our community through a variety of activities. The activities that we held were; Zumba, mask making, Chinese lettering, Arabic lettering, Sari tying, using chopsticks, making Mango Lassi and food tasting (with foods from around the world). There was music in each room linked to the culture that was being celebrated. The stickers, certificates and prizes were all linked to the theme of celebrating cultures.
  • Example of event: Brilliant Britain. We looked at what makes Britain brilliant, incorporating the British values that are taught in school. The activities that we held were; voting for our favourite things, creating crowns, making our own Banksy art work, food tasting (scones and cucumber sandwiches), biscuit decorating, making poppies, creating a Union Jack from British things, mapping Britain, quizzes and cricket (indoor due to weather – rain couldn’t stop our play!).
  • During the week around the Parent Learning Event we also had local boxer, Stacey Copeland, come in to school to talk to the children. We also had a red, white and blue day on the Wednesday, where children dressed in the colours of the Union Jack.
Becky Riley the organiser said that “the events create a great atmosphere and sense of community – with parents, children and staff working together”. Comments from parents included:
It was very interactive, engaging and fun. It was good to meet the staff. It was great to do something in school together with the kids.